Monday, January 17, 2011

(Not) Out and About - fun with Google Maps

Last night I decided to look for the cemetery where one of my ancestors is buried on Google Maps. It's kind of hard to be out and about in the cold and snow! Google Maps is the next best thing!

So, first you go to Google Maps, type in your hoped-for location, and press 'Search Maps."
You will get something like this:
This isn't the whole screen, but it gives you an idea.
Usually, the map will come up in 'street' mode first, so here is how you get it into 'satellite' mode:
Also, the zoom utility on the left will help you get closer.  You want to drag the little 'guy' to the street, which will let you look around as if you were standing there.

Then, you can 'look' around. The pictures at this cemetery aren't clear enough to read names, or anything, but I still enjoyed seeing the place.

Now, where do you want to go? Enjoy!

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