Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Genealogy Search Site

I've just been visiting Mocavo, the newly launched search site specific to genealogy and family history. What a great idea!

Mocavo's opening statement claims:
"The world’s largest free genealogy search engine,, provides genealogists access to the best free genealogy content on the web including billions of names, dates and places worldwide. seeks to index and make searchable all of the world’s free genealogy information."
The site claims they will discover new genealogy-related sites every day for searching, but already have a respectable list of existing sites.

Having read great reviews, I did some sample searches to see what kinds of results I would get. I purposely chose searches that usually yield few results to make it manageable. I didn't find anything new, and I know some of the results I've found through other searches (google, yahoo, etc.) were not included. In more than one instance, there were multiple results from one source; often on the same page. Still, it was encouraging.

It was also very refreshing not to have to wade through scores of sites that have little or nothing to do with genealogy. I didn't have to dodge advertisements or links to subscription sites.

Mocavo seems to be a great place to start an internet search for your ancestry, especially for the beginner. The results list is uncluttered and easy to read. Clicking on a link opens the resulting site within the Mocavo window, where they've provided an arrow to take the researcher back to the search results. Very convenient.

They have a facebook page and a blog. I found the information on the blog helpful. This is a very new site, just launched on March 16th. The founder, Cliff Shaw, has many successes in the genealogy world. This looks like another great innovation from him. Give it a try!

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