Sunday, May 29, 2011

Backward Glance - Edgar Lansing Morgan

My third great-grandfather, Edgar Lansing Morgan, was born on May 22, 1834, in Warren, Herkimer County, New York. His parents were William Lansing and Sabrina (Merry) Morgan. Edgar was the fourth of nine children. His father died on August 21st, or 24th, 1843, at the family home.

In 1850, Edgar was still living in Warren, enumerated with his brother Selden as the head of household. Their mother wasn't listed with the family, but their grandmother, Helen (or Eleanor) was included. Sabrina must have moved her family to Delaware County, Ohio, because she was married there on October 7, 1857, to Jacob Kesler. They then moved to Racine, Wisconsin.

On April 7, 1859, Edgar married Mary Jane Clark, the daughter of Isaac Rumsey and Clarissa (Gale) Clark, in Delaware County, Ohio. They were enumerated there on the 1860 census in the township of Delaware. Edgar's occupation was recorded as 'pedlar.' Edgar and 'Molly' had three children: Charles Clark, Edgar Elbert and Millie May. Millie died in infancy.

According to his wife's obituary, in the spring of 1870, Edgar removed with his family to Lincoln Township, Nodaway County, Missouri. However, they are found in Washington Township (P.O. College Springs), Page County, Iowa, on the 1870 census. By 1880, they are recorded as living in Lincoln Township.

On January 17, 1889, Edgar died at his residence, noted as four miles southeast of Blanchard, Iowa. The cause of death was cancer of the stomach. He was 54 years old. Edgar is buried at the Blanchard Cemetery, east of Blanchard. On his headstone is this inscription:

When we leave this world of change
When we leave this world of care
We shall find all missing loved ones
In our Fathers mansion lair

Edgar's daughter-in-law, Virginia (Topping) Morgan, wrote the following poem which was included in his obituary:

The home is so sad and lonely
Since Father went away,
And we listen for his footsteps
In the old familiar way.

And we think to see him sitting
In his place beside the fire;
Forgetting for the  moment
That he has gone up higher.

Will we never again see grandpa
The eager children plead
By their earnest childish questions
Causing our hearts afresh to bleed.

And we tell them up in Heaven
With its beautiful golden streets
If we try to live for Jesus
We shall hope their grandpa to meet.

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