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Backward Glance - Barbara Lisette Debonneville

Gimel, Vaud, Switzerland (Wikipedia)
It is recorded in the International Genealogical Index (IGI, LDS) that Barbara Lisette Debonneville (French pronunciation is d'bun-vee') was born on June 29, 1806, in Gimel, Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. This record dates from at least 1982. Her parents were Jean David and Anette Lisette (Bauert) Debonneville. Her father was born in Gimel, and both parents died there. There is a conflict in the information, however. Hopefully, time will provide the records to clarify the dates and places.

Barbara's husband, Isaac Francois Marguerat, was the vital records clerk in Gimel from 1821 until 1829. On April 25, 1822, he created (all of the records were handwritten at that time) a delayed record of Barbara's baptism. He recorded that on 29 May 1806 in the Parish of Berthoud, Canton of Berne, Lisette Debonneville was baptized. Her godparents were Jean Bauert (a butcher), Barbara (Bauert) Vonarx and Lisette Bauert of Berthoud. Obviously, these two records are in conflict. I do know that Barbara's maternal grandparents, Samuel and Barbara (Staub) Bauert, were both born in Berthoud. Since Barbara and Isaac had not yet married, I presume her parents made the effort to have the event of her baptism officially recorded. Perhaps 1822 is when the family removed from Berthoud to Gimel.

On December 9, 1825, Isaac and Barbara were married in Gimel (Registre Etat Civil; Gimel, Vaud, Suisse.). They had at least four children: Louise Zora Wilhelmine (Sep. 12-29, 1826. Gimel), Louise Claire Caroline (Oct. 12, 1827. Gimel), and Eugene (Jun. 7, 1829. Lausanne), and Charles. Both Charles and their father were clergymen.

Coat of arms of Haute-Vienne (Wikipedia)
Barbara was of a Huguenot family of Savoy, De Bonneville. According to the book Memorials of the Huguenots in America by Ammon Stapleton, "the family of De Bonneville is one of the oldest and most honorable of the French nobility, and the reader will find many references to the Lords of Bonneville in the history of France. Their estates were situated near Limoges, the capitol of the Department of Haute-Vienna, and date back to the eleventh century."

There is a small city in France, not far from Gimel, called Bonneville. The population was just under 12,000 in 2004. The prefix 'de' means 'of.' A person with the surname De Bonneville would indicate they, or an ancestor, were literally of Bonneville.

View map of the area where the Marguerats lived.

**Update: Through newspaper research, I have located the death notice for "Barbara Elise Marguerat!" It was possible to positively identify is was her by the mention of her son, Euguene, who lived in Chicago. She death occurred on 11 November 1883. She was buried two days later in Rovray, Vaud, Switzerland. I am thrilled to be able to add this important information.

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