Saturday, April 7, 2012

1940 Census - Who have I found?

In a previous post, I decided the first person I would seek (and hopefully find) was my grandfather, Carl Orson Avery. He and my grandma were divorced in Kansas in 1939. The way I understand it, he then left Kansas. He had lived in Bakersfield previously with an aunt's family, so I thought he might have gone there again. I also  know he lived in, or near, Bakersfield, California in 1941 and 1942. So, looking through Bakersfield enumeration districts was my first task. Not there. Neither was his aunt, whose address I'd found.

My mom and I worked together to make the work go faster. After finishing Bakersfield proper, we selected a couple of outlying enumeration districts. There, in E.D. 15-36, we found his aunt and her family. No Carl there, either. We did see a family that could be his second wife's family, but no proof.

Anyway, knowing he'd lived in Oildale at one time, I decided to have a look-see. No Carl! However, I did find ......

Merle Haggard!

He was only three years old, born in California. He was living with his parents, James and Flossie, and a much older brother, Lowell, who was . The latter three were born in Oklahoma. So, Merle himself apparently wasn't an 'Okie from Muskogee,' but his family may have been.

Still looking for Carl...

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