Friday, June 1, 2012

Colorado Family History Expo - 2012

The Expo is off to a great start! The keynote address, given by Don R. Anderson of FamilySearch, was informative and entertaining. He shared interesting perspectives on the family history world now, and the potential future. The number of images at (over 500 million) and the number of 1940 census indexing volunteers (over 110,000) is boggling to the mind. He obviously knew what he was talking about, and had fun sharing it with the audience.

Currently, classes are in session for the third hour; one to go. There are so many options, it really is difficult to choose. I attended Arlene Eakle's two presentations on New York research. They were, as is typical of Dr. Eakle, excellent, and chock-full of resources and information. I'm sure those who attended other classes also had great experiences.

The vendors and the guests all seem to be having fun - there are smiles everywhere! There's still tomorrow. Don't miss it, if you're in the Colorado Springs area. Info at Family History Expos.

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