Friday, February 1, 2013

February Photo Collage Festival

I just think this is such a fun idea! Since I've already written some brief biographies on about four generations of my own family, I've decided to join in on this challenge with pictures from my husband's family. I haven't done much work on his lines for quite some time. This should spur me, for at least one month.

Here is my collage
(Much to my chagrin, I don't have 28 pictures! I've had to duplicate some of the people.
 Now, my project may be to get more pictures while I still can.)

This post is part of the February Photo Collage Festival.

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  1. Looking forward to hearing your stories and how the hunt for photos progresses.

  2. I have the photos, many of the stories, but lacking in most of the detail for our family. Fascinating :-)