Friday, October 9, 2015

Happy National Family History Month!

In memory of-

Olivia Josephine Cowger
b. 9 October 1856
Wapello County, Iowa
m. J. Fletcher Livezay
d. 25 November 1929

Olivia is the daughter of Gustavus C. and Susannah (Cowger) Cowger (yes, her maiden name is correct; they were cousins). She is my third great grandaunt. Because I know quite a bit about her parents, I have a fairly well documented history of Olivia's growing up years. Today, I choose to see what I can discover about her adult life.


That was a surprisingly frustrating exercise! 
  • There was no record for Olivia that I could locate in either Find A Grave or Billion Graves. I searched for her husband, too, hoping to locate her through him. Neither of them showed!
  • There is, as expected, a record for Olivia in FamilySearchFamily Tree. Her husband's full name is John Fletcher Livezey (note the different spelling). In a Google search, there were several references to a person with that name being involved in lawsuits in Indiana. Could very well be him.
  • FamilySearch also has a link to the 1910 census for her family. They lived in New Castle, Henry County, Indiana. They had four Roomers and a Servant in the household, no children residing with them. It does record that Olivia had four children and that they were all living. She and John had been married 35 years. Their home is a ‘Boarding House.’
  • Their son, John William, was married in 1908 in Henry County, giving his residence as New Castle. Their son, Harry, was married in Henry County in 1913. His residence is recorded as Battle Creek, Michigan. The other two children included in the Family Tree record are Alfred and Addie.

I’m sure a little more searching and surfing will be more satisfying, but for the purposes of this project – “Th-th-that’s all, folks!”

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