Thursday, August 30, 2012

Midwest Family History Expo - Why should you go?

There is still time to register for the upcoming Midwest Family History Expo in Kearney, Nebraska (that's 'car-nee,' I asked). Why should you?

Let me count the whys!

1.      You’ve never done any genealogical research, but you’d like to get started:
1.      Finding Your Ancestors on FamilySearch, Friday at 3:30
2.      Let’s Get Started, Friday at 4:50
2.      You’ve done basic research, but need more information on specific areas where your ancestors lived:
1.      Finding Your Irish Ancestors – Are There Really Any Records?, Friday at 3:30
2.      How did my Ancestors Get into Pennsylvania and How Can I Document Them?, Friday at 7:50
3.      Doing Swedish Genealogy in a Computer World, Saturday at 10:00
4.      My Ancestors Were From Germany and I Don’t Speak German, Saturday at 1:10
3.      You aren’t comfortable using the internet for research:
1.      Social Networking for Genealogists; Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and More, Friday at 4:50
2.      Navigating the ‘Net, Saturday at 1:10

These classes, as well as many others, are available to all who come. There is literally something for everyone at the Midwest Family History Expo 2012! The hardest part is deciding which ones to attend. Bring a friend. You can divide and conquer!

(Friday & Saturday, Septebmer 7th & 8th)

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