Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kansas Connections & Quilting

Or, Kansas Konnections & Kwilting :)

At the Genea-quilters web site, I saw an invitation to participate in the Genea-Quilters Block Challenge. So, I decided to do it! I created two blocks, each my own design, based on my mom's family history. 
As I thought about what to do, I was struck with how all of her family lines filtered down into Kansas. This list shows who moved, where born, to what location in Kansas, in what year, and their relationship to my mother.

  • Silas T. and Keziah (Nason) Bemiss; New York > Grinnell, Kansas (1884); 3ggparents
  • William Silas and Olive Orrel (Webster) Bemiss; Pennsylvania/Michigan > Grinnell, Kansas (1884); 2ggparents
  • Mary Jane (Clark) Morgan; Ohio > Grinnell, Kansas (1893); 2ggm
  • Charles Clark and Virginia Caroline (Topping) Morgan; Ohio/Wisconsin > Grinnell, Kansas (1893); ggparents
  • Thomas Riley and Sarah Ellen (Gothard) Epps; Illinois > Gove Co., Kansas; abt 1890; step-ggparents
  • James T. and Willie Ann (Scott) Jones; Virginia/Missouri > Oakley, Kansas; 1885; step-ggparents
  • Ruth Caroline (Coleman) Avery; Connecticut > Nemaha, Kansas; abt 1859; 2ggm
  • Russell Scott and Sabrina Letticia (McKinley) Osborn; New York/Ohio; bef 1875; 2ggparents
  • James Orson Brownell; Iowa > Doniphan Co., Kansas; by 1894; ggf
  • Mary Ann (Clifton) Harper; Virginia > Doniphan Co., Kansas; abt 1863; 3ggm
  • James Paxton Harper; Indiana > Doniphan Co., Kansas; abt 1863; 2ggf
  • Gustavus C. and Susannah (Cowger) Cowger; Ohio > Doniphan Co., Kansas; 1859; 3ggparents
The last direct family member to be born in Kansas was my mom. She was born in Oakley, Logan County, in western Kansas. Her father, Carl Orson Avery, was also born there. Her mother, Luella Mae Bemiss, was born near Grinnell.

While I may be an Evergreen State girl, my veins run rich with Sunflower State blood - proudly! Thanks to those courageous people who braved the unknown to help settle the Kansas frontier.

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