Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Out and About

Recently, I've become involved with Find-A-Grave. The site itself has been in existence for many years, and is pretty fun to explore. I have also found information about people for whom I was searching. More is being added regularly. All of the photos of headstones and the information are user-contributed. I decided I wanted to be involved in that way.

Well.. since volunteering, more than several requests have come through my e-mail for photos of headstones in cemeteries in my general area. One of them happened to be in the Kidder Cemetery near my home. I found out that no one has ever photographed all of the headstones there. I know our local Caldwell County Historical Society would love to have it done, and I would like to make them available to others.

So, on Sunday last, my husband and I decided to go in search of the requested headstone - Adelia Riddell. We took the camera. When we got to the cemetery, it being a very temperate day, and we having a couple of hours of leisure, we decided to begin documenting all of the headstones. After two hours, we had taken over 400 pictures (I think that covers about 375 headstones. I got sidetracked by the flowers.) in about one-fourth of the cemetery. We also lost my glasses! 

As we were driving out, right next to the lane was the headstone that had started this whole thing! It is safely uploaded to Find-A-Grave, and I am beginning the saving and labeling process of the rest of the pictures. If there is anyone out there needing information from the Kidder Cemetery, please ask. If I don't have it already, I can get it in a snap!

Here is a sampling of what I have, so far, including the sweet violets.
C. Theodore Shaw, little Pearl Duffey, G.W. Jewell, William G. Rogers

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