Sunday, February 5, 2012

Backward Glance - Elizabeth Dobson

After collaborative research with a distant relation in England, Lorraine Hooper, we believe Elizabeth Dobson was the daughter of John and Hannah (Paitfield) Dobson. She was born in Whalley, Lancashire, England, in 1816. She had at least six siblings: Ellen, Mary Ann, Sarah, Jane, Robert and Isabella. She used many of their names for her own children.

Elizabeth Dobson was married to John Hargreaves. It appears she was his second wife, as there is a marriage recorded in 1845. This concurs with the births of John's children, where there is a four to five year space between the third and fourth children. Interestingly, John's first wife was also named Elizabeth. She, however, was about six years older than our Elizabeth.

John and Elizabeth lived on Godly Lane in Burnley, Lancashire, England, in 1851. John  apparently died between 1857 and 1861 as  Elizabeth lived at the same location in 1861, but was listed as a widow. By 1871, she was living in Higher Booths, Lancashire. Four of her children were enumerated with her: James, Ellen, Isabella, and William (b. 1857). Ellen and Isabella both emigrated to Canada. In 1881, Elizabeth was living at 69 Dowry St., Accrington, Lancashire.

Elizabeth died in 1885 and is buried in the Accrington Cemetery with her son, William,  and daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Jane. Also in the grave was an Ernest Barnes, 10 weeks old who died in 1897.

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