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Backward Glance - John Richard Hoyle (1852)

This John Richard Hoyle is the father of John Richard Hoyle born in 1876. John was born in Higher Booths, Whalley Parish, Lancashire, England, on April 28, 1852. He was the only child of John and Mary (Lord) Hoyle. His father, however, had been married previously; so, John had nine older half-siblings. In 1871, he was the only one of the children living at home with his parents, still in Higher Booths. His father was an 'eating house keeper.' John was a cotton weaver.

On August 5, 1874, John was married to Isabella Hargreaves in Accrington, a nearby town. Isabella was the daughter of John and Elizabeth (Dobson) Hargreaves. Their two oldest sons, John Richard (Jack) and William, were both born in Accrington.

According to the Canadian census information from 1901, John and Isabella immigrated to Canada in 1878. However, family sources say that William was born in Accrington in January of 1879, dying in Canada in 1880 at the age of two. Perhaps the family record is off by a year, or the year cited in the census is incorrect. Maybe Isabella followed John after William's birth. At any rate, John and his little family did remove to Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada, before William's death on December 28, 1880. Three daughters, Mary Elizabeth, Annie and Isabella, were born there. 

In about 1887, the family moved to Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. In 1891, they were enumerated in Moose Jaw, Assiniboia West, Territories, Canada. Their residence in 1901 was Regina. John was actually the census taker for their area. Three of John and Isabella's children died while they were living in Saskatchewan. Lucy, who only lived about eight months, dying in 1892; Sarah, who died of diptheria at the age of 14 in 1902; and Sarah, who died in 1906 at 20 years old. Benjamin, their youngest child, was born in Regina in 1896.

I didn't find John's family on the 1911* census, but in 1915, their son Benjamin's World War I attestation papers cite their residence as Hamilton, Ontario. In 1922, they're listed in the Hamilton city directory at 321 Cumberland. Isabella died on September 17, 1925, in Hamilton. 

In about 1932, John traveled to Seattle, Washington, to visit his son, Jack, and his family. He is seen here with his daughter-in-law, Claire (Marguerat), and grandchildren, Frank Orris, Helen Priscilla and Jack Richard. His son, Jack, must have taken the picture. He then returned to Hamilton, where he died on March 4, 1943. He is buried in the Bartonville Cemetery in Hamilton.

*Found the family in Hamilton, Wentworth, Ontario, in 1911, also at 321 Cumberland.

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