Wednesday, November 23, 2011

My Mayflower Ancestors - Degory Priest

I'm joining in the fun of delineating my Mayflower ancestors, one at a time. In alphabetical order, here is #6.

Degory Priest married unknown (12ggp)
  Mary Priest married Phineas Pratt
    Samuel Pratt married Mary Barker
       Samuel Pratt married Hannah Miller
         John Pratt married Elizabeth Turner
           Hannah Pratt married Jabez Fuller
             Lucy Fuller married Ezra Washburn, Jr.
               Keziah Washburn married William Nason
                 Ezra Washburn Nason married Phoebe Brown
                   Keziah Nason married Silas Bemiss
                     William Silas Bemiss married Olive Orrel Webster
                       Fredrick James Bemiss married Maud May Morgan
                         Luella Mae Bemiss married Carl Orson Avery
                           Virginia Gayle Avery married Frank Orris Hoyle
                             Joleen Beth Hoyle (me!)

More info on the Mayflower and its passengers can be found here and here, among others.

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  1. I'm a distant relative; we seem to have diverged at the Pratt's.