Friday, November 18, 2011

Day Two - Georgia Family History Expo

Day Two of the Family History Expo was another gorgeous, blue-skied day in Georgia. The bright sunshine combined with the brilliant colors of the turning leaves to provide the perfect backdrop for cheer and friendliness. Everyone with whom I spoke was having a great time. I also heard snippets of positive and excited conversations as I walked through the vendor areas.

I really enjoyed making my presentations. It is gratifying to have people actually choose to attend my classes. Without exception, they were attentive, kind, interactive and complimentary. I especially appreciate the questions and comments. During my second presentation, I had a little 'technical' difficulty with the microphone and the projector. This unnerved me a bit, but one attendee helped me out, and the others were very patient. Thank you!

The rest of the day, I was again occupied at the 'Ask the Pros' table. Man, I love being there! I got to hear and see genealogies and family histories of many varieties. I had the opportunity to make suggestions and try to be generally helpful and encouraging. Listening to Billy Edgington, and sometimes Arlene Eakle, sharing their vast research knowledge with Expo attendees (and me!), is a wonderful mind-stretching experience for me. I look forward to more of it!

The closing keynote was again presented by Holly Hansen. She always does a great job. Everyone seemed to enjoy the time together being entertained and 'loved up.' There were nice prizes awarded by some of the sponsors, making a few extra-lucky people in the crowd. Then, we parted, saying good-byes and sharing the excitement of another wonderful Family History Expo.

More information about Family History Expos can be found at their website: There will be two events in Arizona in January. If you are anywhere near either (or both) of them, and even remotely interested in genealogy, seriously consider attending. There is something there for everyone. 

In the meantime, I'm looking forward to the St. George Expo in February.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed it. I went last year and thought it was a great (and pretty) conference venue.