Thursday, April 28, 2011

Out and About

We were in Ray County, Missouri, this weekend and stumbled upon another cemetery. We spotted it from the road through the trees, and the very next gravel road led right to it! We discovered it to be the "Lewis Cemetery," privately owned. I believe this cemetery has been in use longer than any I've visited outside Virginia. It was a beautiful day, and made scampering about very inviting!

 We climbed the stairs (at our own risk!) to see an amazing vista of farmland. I took pictures of several headstones. Here is a sampling of what is there:

John G. Lewis; Clarisa Tarwater, Denzil E. Tarwater, Blanche Tarwater, James M. Tarwater; Nancy Bellis; Baby Stevens
You can find a transcription of the cemetery here. There is a listing of burials at Find-A-Grave, where I will be uploading any pictures I took that are not already submitted.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tombstone Tuesday - Avery

Headstone of Ethel Avery, daughter of Austin Sawyer and Luella (Coleman) Avery. She died April 9, 1889, at 17 years old. She is buried at the Woodston Cemetery near Woodston, Rooks County, Kansas.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Backward Glance - Sabrina Letticia McKinley

left: Sabrina Osborn; right: Sabrina with her husband, Russell Scott Osborn, and their son, Charles
Sabrina Letticia McKinley was born October 23, 1836, in Morgan County, Ohio. She was the daughter of William Vale and Ruth (Carl) McKinley. Between 1850 and 1854, her parents moved to Henry County, Illinois, where Sabrina married Russell Scott Osborn on March 26, 1857.

Four children were born to Sabrina and Russell in Illinois: Julia Jeannett (1857, my 2ggm), Norris Scott (1859), Tirzah Ellen (1860) and Ulysses S. G. (1864).

The family removed to Iowa in about 1865. Four more children were born in that state: Nathan Earnest (1866), Kate Florence (1868), Oscar Orlando (1870) and Russell Carl (1872). Another move, this time to a farmstead near Alton, Osborne County, Kansas, took place in August 1872. Charles Wesley (1874), Hugh Richard (1879) and Alta Letticia (1881) were born there.

Sabrina accompanied her husband to Topeka, Kansas, when he served as Secretary of State from 1892 - 1894. She died there on October 28, 1898. Sabrina is buried at the Pleasant Valley Cemetery, southwest of Alton, Kansas.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thankful Thursday - One Lovely Blog Award

Oooh! I feel so honored, and thankful. This week I was awarded the "One Lovely Blog" Award by Sarah B. over at Geneapprentice. Thank you, Sarah! Now it's my turn to pass it along.


Here are the rules for this award, as they were passed on to me from Sarah:

  • Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who granted the award and their blog link.
  • Pass the award on to 15 other blogs that you've newly discovered. 
  • Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for the award.
While there are several blogs I follow, this award has prompted me to go searching for 'lovely' sites that are new to me. Exciting! Here are my new discoveries and the recipients of the "One Lovely Blog" Award from me. Obviously, there are so, so many great blogs. These are some of the ones I've discovered recently, and can't stay away. Check them out!

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  14. Family History Expos Genealogy Blog
  15. GenealogyBlog
P.S. This does feel sort of like a chain letter. I'm not sure if that's good, or bad :D I had a lot of fun looking around and finding new 'haunts.' Definitely broadened my horizons. Happy Hunting!