Friday, June 12, 2020

Photo Friday - My Grandpas

Howard Lee Epps
(1906 - 1977)
John Richard Hoyle
(1876 - 1958)
my grandfathers

I think it is so cool that I have this picture from 1955 of my
grandpas sitting together. Grandpa Epps (left) was my mom's
dad. He was six-foot-three and gentle as could be. Grandpa 
Hoyle was my dad's dad. He was about five-foot-seven. I have
no memory of him, being young when he passed away. 
I am told I called him 'Little Grampin,' while I called
Grandpa Epps 'Big Grampin.' I love them both!

You can read a previous post about John Richard Hoyle here

Friday, June 5, 2020

Photo Friday - Mabel's Chickens

Mabel Elizabeth Ament
my great-grandmother
b. 20 October 1878, Muscatine, Iowa
d. 9 March 1966, Phoenix, Arizona

We believe this picture of Mabel was taken between 1913, when she filed a homestead
claim for 360 acres in Dawson County, Montana, and 1921, when she sold the land. I just
love the curtains on the window and the wood holding up the brick chimney! 
If that is just a 'few' of her chickens, how many do you think she had?!