Why do I do it?

I do this because I love it! I can remember 'cornering' my grandmothers and asking them questions about our families. You know, I don't think they ever tired of it, and I got some valuable information from them; not to mention the wonderful stories they shared with me. My family, living or not, has always been my highest priority, and joy.

If I'm not searching out my own family, I'm working on someone else's. Trying to lengthen a family chain or break down a brick wall presents a challenge I thoroughly enjoy! Raw data isn't enough for me, though. I love learning about people's lives, their lifestyles, insights into their personalities and how they fit with what we call history. I start to relate with, and, yes, even love the people I seek and find. I derive untold amounts of satisfaction from the search. Yes, it is a passion!

Basically, if a day goes by without doing at least some family history research, it is an odd day for me. Even meeting someone new prompts questions in my mind. Sometimes, just to satisfy those questions for myself, I spend a little time looking at data on the family. I have learned some very useful information, techniques and sources by spending an hour or two (or three, or four, or...) researching for fun.

These are some of my projects and opportunities:
  • gathering the data and history of my own family
  • numerous 'initial research' opportunities for others, as well as follow-up research 
  • research by referral of the Caldwell County (Missouri) Historical Society
  • research in preparation for the publication of family history books
  • teach family history classes at public libraries, genealogy societies, senior citizen centers, family history fairs, etc.
  • made presentations nationally with Family History Expos (2011-2013)
  • organized Kitsap County Genealogy Expo (2013-2017), made multiple presentations, gave keynote addresses
  • make presentations to genealogy societies
I would love to help you find your family, or make a presentation for your group. Please check out my Services and Pricing page. You may send your queries to me at yourpedigree@gmail.com. I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. Please be sure to include what you know and what you want to know. Also, please tell me if you would like your report by e-mail or snail-mail. Thank you. I can hardly wait!