Services and Pricing

Here is my fee schedule in a nutshell:
  • $60 for the first two hours, including the report (Initial Research)
  • $40/hour for research thereafter (Brick Wall & On-Site Research)
  • travel to and from on-site research @ $.55/mile
    • if flights are required, client reimburses
  • actual charges for copies
[Payment may be made through PayPal, Venmo, personal check or money order.]

Here are expanded descriptions of the services I offer:

INITIAL RESEARCH ($60/entire session)
During the initial session, I will begin research using the information you provide. Generally, I search internet sites first for helpful ideas and in an effort to find quick information as reference. Using a combination of primary and secondary sources available, I will formulate a research plan. After one to two hours, I can create a report for you, including the data found and recommendations for future research. This report will be sent via e-mail or post (according to your preferences).

  1. If you have already done some researching, but are stuck, I will take the information you have and try to ‘break through.’ It is essential in this search that you provide me with exactly what it is you want to know and how much time you want me to spend looking for it. Some things just take longer. If I don’t think it is something I can do for you, I will be up front with you about it.
  2. This search can also come after you have received your initial report from me and you would like me to continue. Again, it is important that you are clear on what it is you want found and how much time you want me to use.
ON-SITE RESEARCH ($40/hour + travel)
I will research at libraries, courthouses and historical societies in my area without incurring additional charges for you. This could include areas in Kitsap County, as well as the counties further west, including Jefferson and Clallam. We would discuss your specific needs and have a specific agreement before I begin. The cost above the hourly rate is $.55/mile.
I am willing to travel afield. In the past, I've traveled to search for documents and to traipse through cemeteries for my clients. I love doing this, so don't hesitate to ask!

Research Report
Your research report will include at least the following items:
  1. Research log and/or sources consulted
  2. Related documents, either paper or digital (I like to take pictures of the documents and store them digitally; reduces costs and paper!)
  3. Expense report (if incurred)
  4. Recommendations for future research