Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Link at

I love to experiment. Period. 
So, when I logged onto FamilySearch this morning and saw this
I had to see what it was about. 
When I clicked on 'Get Started,' this is what I got
I know, at this point I could have taken a lesson, or a tour, or...
But, I plunged right in. I clicked on 
You can click on this image, if you want to experiment, too!

And this is what came up next!
(after signing in with my FamilySearch log-in information)
Pretty cool! I had to click around on the colored dots to figure
out what it was all about, but that was fun, too!

Eventually, I settled on a chart beginning 
with my ancestor, John Hargreaves.
John Hargreaves is represented by the small square in the circle at the center of the chart.
Some of the information on the chart is unfamiliar to me.
Since it is all generated by Family Tree, I could hover over a colored shape and shift-click to be taken straight to the Person Details page
at FamilySearch for the individual I want to view.
This is gonna be fun! Check it out!

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