Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Colorado Family History Expo 2012 - the end

This year's Expo in Colorado Springs ended on Saturday, June 2nd. I had the opportunity to make two presentations this year. The people who attended were friendly, interested, attentive and very positive. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with them. Some of them even stopped me in the vendor area to compliment me on my classes. Thank you! That is a serious feel-good. :)

There was also almost non-stop activity at the "Ask the Pros" booth. One of the things I love about getting to work there is spending time with Billy Edgington. She is a true expert, and extremely knowledgeable in a variety of research areas. I learn things from her every time. I also love meeting the people who are brave enough to approach the table. I like to hear about their families and quests. I always hope that something one of us has suggested will be useful to them. It is wonderful to see the interest in family history alive and well in these people.

At the end of the day, Holly Hansen spoke to the gathered crowd. She thanked them for coming and praised them for their efforts. She shared stories from her own life, highlighting how her love of family history began and grew. Prizes were awarded by some of the vendors, and the event was over.

While I know there was some brain-overload, I'm certain the event was well worth everyone's time and money. It was a great time and place for getting started, getting re-started, and learning about a special interest. Thank you to everyone for a wonderful experience!

Until next year, Colorado....      Happy Hunting!!

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