Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Feel Good Blogging 7-Day Challenge! (Day 1 - what was I thinking?!)

I haven't spent much time here during the past year, or so. Just today, I became aware that Alex Beadon has issued a seven-day challenge to bloggers. I'm gonna do it! Not over-thinking, just typing.

As a re-introduction, I am Joleen Aitchison and I love genealogy and family history; all aspects of them. When I'm not doing all the things I must do, I'm doing family history. And, some of the things I 'must' do are genealogy, too. So, I get a lot of it! I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, near some family and very far from others. 

When I first started this blog, I was actively speaking at various family history events. I did that for about two years and absolutely loved it! I got to work with great people, meet new people and learn lots of things. In fact, much of what I learned during that time has been extremely beneficial since. I think, at the time, I hoped this blog would be a vehicle for sharing my own research and interests, as well as sparking some interest in those who were dabbling. I also wanted to be a part of the larger community of genealogists, some of whom I would call friends. I also planned for it to be a place where family members could learn more about our history. I even thought it might drum up some business for me, which it did - some.

One of my favorite blogging endeavors was my series of Backward Glance posts. Each one was about an ancestor of mine. They were extremely satisfying to compile and share. A cool thing about those posts, too, is that those ancestors are also the ancestors of many other people. Sometimes, one of them contacted me and expressed their pleasure at finding the information. *One of these days,* I will compile them into a book for my family. Trouble is, I'm never done with finding more.

Over time, I've realized this blog is for me. You, and all your friends, are welcome to have a gander. I hope you enjoy it. I hope you'll find something that interests you. I hope that maybe, if you aren't already familiar with your own family history, something here will prompt you to learn more. There is a completing, peaceful feeling that comes with learning who those people were - people - with lives!

This challenge has already helped me relax about the blog. It will be easier for me to share when I don't worry about whether, or not, anyone will be impressed. I'll continue to share may progress, exciting finds, articles I read and - well - whatever fits and strikes my fancy. 

See you tomorrow!

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