Saturday, October 18, 2014

Feel Good Blogging Challenge - Day 4 - Ten Things

The blogging challenge today was to share ten things that other people may not know about me. But, since this blog is more about family history than it is about me personally, I don't feel the need to create such a list.

I've been pretty open on the pages and in some of the posts about my love for this hobby/passion/obsession. And, since starting this challenge just a few days ago, I've come to realize more than ever that this blog is really for me. I like to write about my genealogy experiences, about my people, and share some of the things I've learned. And, I like to do that here.

That said, I can think of a few things:
  1. I like feedback (I don't get much)
  2. I miss public speaking (it was so fulfilling!)
  3. I wish I could do genealogy 24/7 (you could probably guess that one)
  4. I picnic in cemeteries
  5. I talk to dead people ;)
Not ten, but if you're a genealogist, you can probably relate. See you tomorrow.

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