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Backward Glance - Jane Shreve

Map of Bloomfield Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania Highlighted
The ancestors of Jane Shreve arrived very early in the Americas and settled in New Jersey. Some of them helped settle the Plymouth Colony, and some of them served in the Revolutionary War. A comprehensive history of the Shreve family can be found in The genealogy and history of the Shreve family from 1641 by Luther Prentice Allen. There is also a brief history at "Shreve, the history of an American family."

We don't know much about Jane, though. Most of what we do know comes from excerpts from a family bible and a census. She was the third child born to Barzallai and Mary (Clarke) Shreve. She was born on May 27, 1811, in Pennsylvania, probably in Crawford County. Her parents continued to live in Crawford County.

St. Clair County
H.F. Walling Map, David Rumsey Collection, 1873 Michigan
On January 1, 1827, Jane married James Webster. They remained in Pennsylvania until at least 1832, when their fourth child was born. By March 1836, they were living in Michigan. In about 1838, they moved permanently to Clay Township, St. Clair County, Michigan. Their children were Luther Eliphlet, Cynthia S., Lydia Ann, Sarah Mariah, Lucinda, Emaline, Nancy J., Oliver, Adaline, Daniel, Marrilla Vivla and Olive Orrel.

According the the excerpt from the family bible, Jane died on April 7, 1861. We presume she died in Michigan, as that is where the family was living at the time. Her death place has not been discovered.

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