Friday, March 16, 2012

An Irish family - Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

In 1872, two young people, unknown to each other, from the village of Tubbercurry, County Sligo, Ireland, sailed to America. The family story says that John Thomas Wynne and Winifred Marn each had an uncle in New York who sponsored them entering the country. They were so unhappy with the way the Irish were treated in New York that "they traveled by buggy and two horses with a cow tied on behind.  At night, they slept under the buggy" to Illinois. Perhaps there were other family members with them. John and Winifred were married in Will County on  January 12, 1876. Their first two children, Mary Jane and James Frank, were born in Illinois.

In 1880, they were living in Denver, Adams County, Nebraska. Their next three children, Ella, Isabel and Johnnie Thomas, were born in Adams County.

In about 1888, they homesteaded in Banner County, Nebraska. The last three children, Florence, Mark Patrick and Ethel, were born in Banner County. The family was enumerated in Gabe Rock Precinct in 1900, and Flowerfield Precinct in 1910. In 1915, they removed to Pine Bluffs, Laramie County, Wyoming, where they remained until their deaths.

John died in 1924; Winifred in 1942. They are both buried in the Pine Bluffs Cemetery.

Winnie was only five feet tall, but had the bright red hair and the fiery temper for which the Irish are famous. John and Winnie brought with them a rich Irish heritage which has been passed down through the generations. Their daughter-in-law, though not of Irish heritage, was well known for dancing the jig, possibly even on the table!   ;)

What else might we learn about our Irish relations on the 1940 census? Coming soon!

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